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  • Knowledge age!
    lead understanding.
    We take forward the fruits of the hard work of many people in order to contribute to
    the transformation of our society into one that capitalizes on what it knows and one
    that can utilize the tools of the knowledge age, such as knowledge management.
  • Join us in SKS
    Sudanese Knowledge society diverse groups who aim to work for
    enabling institutions,organizations and the people of the Sudan to
    utilize the concepts, methods and values of the knowledge society
    with particular emphasis on the utilization of knowledge management.
    • Students
    • Academics
    • Craftspeople
    • Professionals
    • Development workers
  • Knowledge exists in everywhere!

Knowledge Management Capacity in Africa

The beginning of 2011 saw the birth of a community that emanated from the Workshop on Knowledge Management Capacity in Africa with the theme “Harnessing Tools for Development and Innovation”.

We believe in


Fostering knowledge sharing among the Sudanese society for example through regular documentation.

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Mapping for sources of knowledge in Sudan and navigating the way through the knowns and the unknowns.

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Create Networks for knowledge to be inclusive for sources of knowledge, individuals and organizations.

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Knowledge society

"knowledge society a society that is nurtured by its diversity and its capacities, It is about its capabilities to identify, produce, process, transform, disseminate and use information to build and apply knowledge for human development.” UNESCO

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